Hey would yo look at that, text is up here now!

Welcome to sadgirl's Layout Maker!

This is a work in progress!

Warning for like, a lot of things. Mainly flashing lights and talking about dark topics. Read stuff at Ramblings and look at stuff on Gifs and stuff wisely

I am not naturally good at HTML apparently, such a shame. smh my head

I AM replacing all the text with my own

who knew there were so many ways to italic, I am quite surprised

This is a cool website! Feel free to look at it!

I have a nice love for cats :3

Go read at Ramblings and look at Gifs and Stuff. It's worth it. I prommy.

kinda forgot about this and test page, i don't know what to do with them. I'll probably put all of this text into the Ramblings sextion and completly rework what this looks like. This whole thing is starting to bother me


I plan on adding some more stuff soon :D! Currently though I not going to, maybe tomorrow, maybe never

I might change the layout of this site, don't know yet since I think how it looks now is nice but i want to do something else y'know?

People are weird, so I ingore them :)